Player’s Guide

The ability to convey falsehoods convincingly.

Trapping: Cat & Mouse

  • When someone else initiates a social conflict, use Deceit as a social Attack skill, representing particularly convincing lies as Consequences on your target (THINKS I HAVE HONEST INTENTIONS, for example]].
  • This is going on the attack…so be careful here…

Trapping: Disguise

  • Your Deceit vs. other’s attempts to penetrate it.
  • Dependent upon props available and do not hold up under intense scrutiny (i.e. Investigation) without the use of Stunts.
  • Fine against Alertness rolls (casual scrutiny)
  • Can be enhanced by Performance

Distraction and Misdirection

  • Used to hide small objects/activities in plain sight (ala Sleight of Hand)
  • Also used to check for the same
  • Roll = Defense vs. Investigation or Alertness

False Face Forward

  • Use Deceit instead of Rapport as a defense in social Conflicts when…
    • Someone uses Empathy to get a “read” on you or facing down an insult
    • Can be modified by Rapport
    • Success = feed false information about reaction—could react to an Aspect that isn’t really there…

Falsehood and Deception

  • Essentially, can be used as a social Attack or defense…
  • Can be used to modify, restrict, or complement other Skills when appropriate


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