Player’s Guide

Represents your ability to stay focused despite distractions, as well as the ability to protect yourself from the psychological fallout of awful or scary events.

It is also one of the three cornerstones of Spellcasting, along with Lore and Conviction.

This skill also affects the hunger Stress track for Feeding Dependency (see Powers).

Trapping: Concentration

In a sticky situation, the GM may rule that without a Discipline skill, you are performing other Skills at a penalty due to distraction. It could also be rolled to represent how well you remain focused on a particular task or idea, with failure resulting in a penalty.

Trapping: Emotional Control

When trying to master your emotion (such as vs. Intimidation or keeping your terror in check to avoid feeding the fear-eating monster next door, roll vs. Discipline.

Trapping: Mental Defense

  • Default defense vs. Mental Stress
  • Discipline and Conviction make up your “fortress of the mind”…
    • Balance = Equilibrium between faith/confidence and true mental fortitude
    • Low Discipline/High Conviction = Easily affected by distress but have the faith/confidence to persevere
    • High Discipline/Low Conviction = Actually pretty fragile in side but can work to compartmentalize…


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