Player’s Guide

  • Ability to understand and guess what other people are thinking or feeling.
  • Spotting a liar, tell someone what they want to hear, etc.

Trapping: Reading People

  • After 10 minutes of intesne, personal, interaction, may make an Empathy roll vs. Rapport.
    • Is an Assessment
    • Gain 1+ shifts = learn an Aspect you did not know
    • Is repeatable and can reveal Aspects up to skill value

Trapping: Shoulder to Cry On

  • Can create an environment to justify social or mental recovery from Consequences
  • Stunts can bring up to professional therapist level

Trapping: Social Defense

  • Can be used as defense in social conflict
    • Especially vs. Deceit to sort truth from fiction

Trapping: Social Initiative

  • Use Empathy to determine Initiative order for a social conflict.


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