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Fate pointsNote: Fate Points are also referred to as FP throughout this Wiki.

Fate Points (FP) are a measure of how much power you have to influence the story in favor of your character.

Each player begins the first session of play with a number of FP equal to their Refresh level. You’ll refill your total number of FP to that level each time a Refresh occurs.

FP are usually represented by chits, coins, poker chips, glass beads, etc.

Using Fate Points (YS 19)

Gain a Bonus : Spend a FP to add 1 to any die roll or improve any effort by 1

Invoke an Aspect : After you roll, you may pick an Aspect and attempt to invoke it. If the GM agress, you may either…

  • Reroll all the dice or…
  • Add +2 to the final die roll (see the Aspects page for more information)

Use Stunts / Powers : Some Stunts and Powers require FP to activate/use.

Make a Declaration : Usually Declarations are made with a Skill roll, but in some cases, you may do so by simply spending a FP. This is usually to create a convenient coincidence as opposed to a major plot change (GM Discretion—also see the Aspects page for more information).

Refreshing Fate Points (YS 20)

Players usually regain FP between sessions when a Refresh occurs.

The number of FP you get at a Refresh is your character’s Refresh Level.

If the GM declares a Refresh, you have your FP restored to your Refresh Level. If your current count of FP is higher than your Refresh Level, then your count remains unchanged.

Earning New FP in Play (YS 21)

You earn FP in play when your Aspects create problems for your character. This is usually referred to as “compelling” an Aspect.

The GM will generally offer you a choice—accept a FP and whatever complication she has in mind, or lose a FP to ignore the complication.

Sometimes a GM may give you a FP without explanation—this usually means one of your Aspects is about to complicate the coming situation (see the Aspects page for more information).

Fate Points

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