Player’s Guide

The skill you use for producing a sudden, strong, negative emotion in a target—usually fear.

Trapping: The Brush-Off

  • If actively doing something intimidating, may roll Intimidation vs. Discipline or Presence
    • Success = target is taken aback, giving an opening to brush past them
    • Can’t be done if in a fight—good for “first contact”

Trapping: Interrogation

This is perfect for being the “bad cop” in an interrogation situation. Skills such as Deceit or Rapport work better for “interviews”.

Trapping: Provocation

This is when you use Intimidation to solicit an attack. Essentially, taunting or drawing an opponent into a physical fight by engaging in a social conflict.

Trapping: Social Attacks

Trapping: Threats

If in a position to make the case that you can deliver some kind of harm to your target, you may be able to control the situation with an Intimidation roll. Without context the victim may bet a +2 to their roll or may be simply untouchable by this method of attack.

Intimidation is one of the few skills that can attack with physical, social, or mental Stress.


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