Knight of a Faerie Court

Winter knightAs far as we know, both Courts of Faerie—Winter and Summer—each only have one Knight, a mortal granted some measure of the power of his or her patron Court and charged with making certain the Court’s interests are well-represented in the world of mortals and beyond. For the Winter Court, the position doesn’t tend to be a long-term one. Employment is terminated only in case of death… (YS 78)

Examples : Ronald Reuel, Lloyd Slate, Fix


  • High Concept that names the title and mantle he has assumed (e.g., Winter Knight or Summer Knight). No other character in the game may hold this title at the same time as this character.
  • All the strictures/responsibilities the Mother, Queen, and Lady of the Court might place upon the character.
  • It is highly likely the Queen knows your character’s True Name and can exert near-total control of the character.
  • Powers
    • Seelie Magic [-4] or Unseelie Magic [-4]
    • Marked by Power [-1]


  • Options abound—discuss with GM before taking on more Powers

Important Skills

  • Conviction
  • Discipline

Minimum Refresh Cost

  • -5

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Knight of a Faerie Court

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