ParkertheberserkerLet’s get this clear up front: lycanthropes are not werewolves—though they share some traits in common. But where werewolves change their bodies, lycanthropes change only their minds, aligning their thoughts and senses with those of a beast. While this isn’t as scary as a man turning into a wolf right in front of you (at least at first), they can still mess you up all nasty. Add to this the fact that a pack of lycanthropes in close proximity to one another have a sort of group-mind advantage, and you’re looking at some serious badasses here… (YS 79)

Examples : Parker and his gang of Streetwolves


  • High Concept that references his nature as a mind-shifting beast-dude (e.g., Lycanthrope Biker)
  • Powers available even when not near a full moon :
    • Pack Instincts [-1]
    • Echoes of the Beast [-1]
    • *Human Form (Involuntary Change) [+2]
  • Powers available only near full moon and affected by the change from the Human Form :
    • Inhuman Strength [-2]
    • Inhuman Recovery [-2]


  • None.

Important Skills

  • Alertness, Endurance, Investigation, Might, Survival

Minimum Refresh Cost:

  • -4

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