Minor Talent

TalentThe Dresdenverse is filled with mortals who have small, limited powers, whether due to long-forgotten traces of inhuman bloodlines, exposure ot the supernatural, or simply the right combination of willpower and belief. Theses mortals can be referred to as minor talents: people with “one-trick” powers that might not have a lot of mojo—but which can be very effective in the hands of a creative and driven individual… (YS 80)

Examples : Lydia (“Grave Peril”), members of Ordo Lebes, patrons of McAnally’s


  • High Concept that mentions the talent in some capacity (e.g. Demi-Semi-Hemigod, Weeps Cassandra’s Tears, or Son of Shadows)
  • May take a single, one (1) Refresh cost ability from Supernatural Powers.
    • Minor Ability or Psychic Ability categories should be considered—GM discretion on all else


  • None.

Minimum Refresh Cost

  • -1. The total cost rarely rises as high as -2.

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Minor Talent

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