Player’s Guide

  • Represents leadership, reputation, and charisma.
  • Also a measure of social toughness

Trapping: Charisma

  • Used passively when someone is sizing you up…unlike Rapport, which is actively trying to make an impression
  • Can also be used to modify Rapport when trying to make an impression


  • When in positino to give orders you may apply this skill to help coordinate their efforts, allowing you to place an Aspect on the scene that is available to anyone rolling for the combined task via a Maneuver (e.g. WELL-COORDINATED).
  • Can also be used to get a largely undifferentiated mob to behave in a particular way
  • Could use Performance to enhance (if applicable).


  • Used to defend against some social Conflicts (Reputation insulates you from social attack, so to speak…)

Social Fortitude

  • Adds slots to your social Stress track
Presence Total Social Stress Slots
Mediocre 2
Average, Fair 3
Good, Great 4
Superb+ 4 plue one additional mild social Consequence for each two levels above Good


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