Player’s Guide

  • Ability to talk with people in a friendly fashion, make a good impression, and perhaps convince them to see your side of things.

Trapping: Chit-Chat

  • In a social conflict, may roll Rapport for Maneuvers and Attack with a goal to glean information in the course of seemingly innocuous conversation.

Trapping: Closing Down

  • Rapport is default defense from Empathy
  • +2 defense can be gotten from using Rapport, but it is obviously you are shutting down the attempt

Trapping: First Impression

  • Roll on first impression may interact with a Presence skill as well
  • Can grant a Temporary Aspect such as “I LOOK GOOD”.
  • Failing significantly can give a bad Temporary Aspect (“I LOOK AWFUL”).

Trapping: Opening Up

  • If being “read” by Empathy, can use Rapport to control the Aspect gleaned
    • If opponent gets a shift, he gets to read one Aspect
    • If you succeed (he fails), he sees an Aspect of your choosing…

Trapping: Social Defense

  • Rapport is the go-to skill for rolling to defend in social Conflicts


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