Player’s Guide

  • Generally, a measure of available wealth
    • Specific forms are addressed by background or by Aspects
  • Indicates personal resources, income, whether you job is “steady” or not.
    • If using an organization’s Resources, roll using their score…

Trapping: Buying Things

  • See table below for relative cost of things
  • You can buy a reasonable quantity of anything that’s two steps or more lower than your Resources without rolling.
  • Otherwise, roll vs. Cost level to see if you can afford
  • Make only one Resources roll per scene
Price Amount Can Buy
Terrible Under $10 A candy bar, cigarettes, a movie ticket, a paperback novel, a cheap meal, a quick cab ride, over-the-counter drugs
Poor Under $50 A night in a cheap hotel, a basic cellular phone, most common hand tools, basic first aid kit, common prescription medications, decent cloths, backpack, common hand weapons (knives, batons, baseball bats, etc.), alarm clock, a good flashlight, cab ride across town
Mediocre Under $250 Nice clothes, a good cellular phone, one night in a good hotel, a very comprehensive first aid kit, 4-man tent, a digital camera, most prescription medications, most shop tools, uncommon hand weapons (swords, axes, maces), discount plane tickets
Average Under $500 Fancy clothes, rental of an office or small apartment for a month, bicycle, basic professional toolkit (for a plumber, electrician, or the like), most handguns and shotguns, a very basic personal computer, video game console, a nice pair of binoculars, most plane tickets
Fair Under $1000 Most hunting rifles and carbines, nice apartment for a month, basic laptop computer, decent personal computer, decent LCD television, an ATV or dirt bike
Good Under $5000 Military gear (body armor, assault rifles, full-auto submachineguns), a cheap scooter or moped, a tricked-out laptop or personal computer, a large plasma television, a semester at a state college (in-state).
Great Under$10,000 A compact car, a motorcycle, basic surgical procedures, a small motorboat, a semester at a state college (out-of-state)
Superb Under $100,000 A small and/or rural house, a luxury car or sports car, a personal yacht, a motor home
Fantastic Under $1 million A private jet, a small mansion or nice urban house, a local business
Epic Under $10 million A small corporation, an office building
Legendary Money is no object A personal island, a large corporation

Trapping: Equipment

  • You are assumed to have all the tools normally needed to do your job.

Trapping: Lifestyle

  • You are assumed to live in accordance with your means.
  • Generally, if something costs two steps below your Resources rating, you probably have one already (assuming it makes sense)

Trapping: Money Talks

  • If knowledge of your wealth affects a situation, Resources could modify the actual Skill being used
  • Resources may be the primary skill if an offer of money is on the table..

Trapping: Workspaces

  • Workspaces are environments where you can perform a certain type of work.
  • Owning a world-class library, workshop, or arcane laboratory requires a certain amount of Resources
  • Your home may have, for free, a single library, lab, workshop, or arcane sanctum of a quality equal to two steps lower than your Resouces
    • Quality of workspace may determine difficulty of Scholarship or Lore research
    • Quality of workspace = highest difficulty of question that can be answered
Skill Work Workspace
Scholarship Academic Research Library
Scholarship Scientific Lab Work Lab
Craftsmanship Construction & Fabrication Workshop
Lore Arcane Research Arcane Library
Lore Arcane Spellwork & Ritual Arcane Sanctum

If you want a specialized workspace (such as a Gunsmithing shop), you may have one for a quality of one (1) below your Resources.

Higher quality may be constructed with Resources rolls at a difficulty equal to quality+2 (or +1 for specialized) and are not immediately available at time of purchase (though shifts will speed this up a bit).

  • BTW: The Internet is a Mediocre library


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