True Believer

Religious symbolsFaith has power in the Dresdenverse, where the strength of your belief can—when focused properly—turn back the tide of darkness. There are special mortals among us whose beliefs are so strong that they cross into the territory of true supernatural power. These mortals are called true believers, for lack of a better term… (YS 82)

Examples : Father Forthill


  • High Concept that speaks to the strength of her abiding faith in a higher power or other similar construct (e.g., Man of God or Zen Nun)
  • Powers
    • Bless This House [-1]
    • Guide My Hand [-1]


  • Righteousness [-2]
  • Select few may have holy relics (Items of Power—YS 167) agreed upon by the GM

Important Skills

  • Conviction

Minimum Refresh Cost

  • -2

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True Believer

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