WolfThe Dresdenverse is rife with shapeshifters of all stripes (many nonhuman). Some humans have learned (or were simply born with the capability) to take on the form of a beast; when that beast is a wolf, we call them werewolves, but there are many other were-forms out there. The animal in question isn’t supercharged or innately magical (other than the fact that it has a human intellect kicking around in its noggin), but with some practice, the shapeshifter can use it as easily as his human form, within the limits of what that animal can do. Unlike lycanthropes loup-garoux, and some other types of shapechangers, most were-form shifters are entirely in control of their change. There’s no full moon business going on with us… (YS 82)

Examples : Will and Georgia Borden of the Alphas


  • High Concept indicates that—whether hereditary or by choice—he is a shapeshifter able to take on a single animal form (e.g., Crime-Fighting Werewolf or Weregoat Wiseass)
  • Powers
    • Beast Change [-1] (allows the player to restructure skills when in animal form—work out before play begins)
    • Echoes of the Beast [-1]
    • Human Form {+1]
    • At least two Refresh points’ worth of abilities from the Options portion below


  • May take up to two of these abilities (so long as in synch with animal form chosen):
    • Inhuman Recovery [-2]
    • Inhuman Speed [-2]
    • Inhuman Strength [-2]
    • Inhuman Toughness [-2]
  • Abilities may be taken from the Creature Feature category or the Minor Ability category (GM approval)
  • Work out with GM to determine any advantages the chosen animal form may have

Important Skills

  • Varies, since Beast Change allows retooling of Skills

Minimum Refresh Cost

  • -3, though it’s often a few points more (-6 or -7)

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