Yuriko's Journal



Another secret
Beast that hides beneath the skin
Is he a fur friend?

The danger still lurks
In the unseen shadows
Where do we go now?

With sharp teeth and claws
A ghoul attacks the living
We fight against it

We battle as one
And soon are victorious
Tired, we head home

On four legs I watch
Evil soon approaches us
And the fight begins

Ghosts disturbed in rest
More trouble may be afoot
We ready ourselves

Robbing graves for bones
The necromancer will be
Here tomorrow night

Researching the stacks
Who can be the Shrouded One?
Meetings are arranged

Ghosts attack the Church
A stranger asking questions
Another mystery

A magical trap
Faith expels the evil one
Then, a reckoning

Visions lead us on
We confront the demon’s source
Then flee to safety

Two predators gone
But news of another death
And the new moon comes

Adversary found
Some questions are answered
So much left to do

Safe sanctuary
Protecting home and family
Can we do enough?

Demons stalk the day
Mountain secrets brought to light
A night club rescue

Missing diviner
Dancing shadows lurk beneath
Dead men hard to kill

Visiting experts
Only raises more questions
Another attack!

Assailant in jail
Ghostly anger lingers on
Magic sets her free

Silent murder case
Revenge from beyond the grave?
Fairy politics

The path remains barred
Friends with fur help lead the way
Spell broken, boy safe

Danger in the woods
Goat-men, guns, missing children
Gathering allies

Yuriko's Journal

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