Ghosts and Spirits

Jerome Barton:

Male spirit, tied to Barton House in the Hawthorne District. Jerome manifested mostly in the first floor of the house. In life, Jerome killed and dismembered his wife after discovering that she had murdered their infant son. Jerome then took his own life. Jerome’s spirit psychically attacked his victims, causing them to be overtaken by feelings of fear and despair.

Maggie Barton:

Female poltergeist, tied to Barton House in the Hawthorne District. Her appearance was mostly human, but with weirdly elongated features. Maggie’s spirit manifested mainly in the walls of the house, making herself known by scratching noises and trying to pull her victims into the holes in the rotted wood. In life, Maggie was probably a minor practitioner before the events leading up to her murdering her infant son.

Toby Barton:

Infant spirit, tied to Barton House in the Hawthorne District. Toby’s spirit manifested in the basement of the house where he was murdered by his mother. While not appearing in a physical form, Toby made himself known by effecting the temperature and the sound of a baby crying.

Wylie Peters:

Male spirit, tied to the Lone Fir Cemetery. Wylie’s spirit manifested after he was killed by a ghoul. He had been the caretaker for the cemetery.

Jonathan Sundry:

Male spirit, tied to the twelfth floor of the Miranda Hotel. In the 1920s, Jonathan was a traveling salesman who was staying in the hotel. He was also “having a bit of fun” with a young woman. Jonathan was killed by her jealous husband, also an employee of the Miranda. Jonathan’s anger at his murder lasted after his death, which he used to attack the living.

Ghosts and Spirits

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