Keeping Portland Weird…And It’s Weirder Than You Think…

Yeah, Portland is definitely weird. Turn one corner and you run into some dude with shower rings hanging from his ears with another dude on his arm wearing enough iron in his face to maim a troll. Turn another and you find yourself in an indie knitting store/coffee bar/head shop run by a Japanese Goth Grrl. Turn again and you’re in the Brady Bunch suburbs. The place is so weird that an ex-Wizard’s apprentice like me is downright boring. Which comes in handy, let me tell you. But it’s weird in a welcoming kind of way. Anything goes and all that. I think I’m going to like it here, weirdness and all. — Nick Salieri, Kinetomancer

This The Dresden Files RPG campaign takes place in Portland, Oregon—a town that wears it’s weirdness proudly—which makes it the perfect home for denizens of the supernatural. It’s a city that seems to strike a balance between the wilderness and the metropolis, between the urban and the rural, between darkness and light. And that balance is about to be threatened in a big way.


Disclaimer cardMuch of the source material for this wiki has been pulled directly from the Dresden Files RPG:

Volume 1: Your Story by Leonard Balsera, Jim Butcher, et. al. (2010) ISBN: 9780977153473 (Evil Hat Productions) [Referenced as YS XXX]

Volume 2: Our World by Leonard Balsera, Jim Butcher, et. al. (2010) ISBN: 9780977153480 (Evil Hat Productions) [Referenced as OW XXX]

Volume 3: The Paranet Papers by Leonard Balsera, Brian Engard, et al. (2015) ISBN: 9781613171042 (Evil Hat Productions) [Referenced as PP XXX]

The Dresden Files RPG (

Other Resources : An extremely helpful wiki

Dresden Files: Dallas : A great campaign that also provides plenty of resources

The Emerald City : Another great campaign that provides some great inspiration.

“Casefile: Night Fears” by Rick Neal, Kathy Schad, Ruben Smith-Zempel, Matthew, D. Gandy, and Fred Hicks: Free module that serves as the inspiration for the Side Story “Night Terrors”.


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The Dresden Files: Portland

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