The Dresden Files: Portland

Days of Future Past


August 13, 1993…

Father Buxman and Father Beauvais descend into the basement with the sound of Mrs. Holloway’s sobs in their ears. Below, they can hear the thrashing of the boy in his restraints. A low growling echoes up the stairs as they slowly climb down.

At the bottom of the stairs, they come into a sparsely furnished room. A twin bed dominates the small chamber. Beside it are a chair and a small table. On the wall is an ornate crucifix. Strapped to the bed in leather restraints is a boy, no more than fifteen years old. He strains against the straps, drool foaming in his mouth.

“Priests!” he cries. “I will feast upon your eyes and entrails! Then I will take that woman upstairs and…”

It is hard for the priests to remember that the voice coming from the boy is not his own, but that of the demon, Athralanax.

Father Beauvais pulls out his holy water and Father Buxman grips his crucifix.

It is time to begin the exorcism.


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